A Sound Mind

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Psychotherapy - $110 (call for appointment)
Individual or couples insight, mind-body therapy for trauma, loss, anxiety, etc. New clients must call initially before using the scheduler. Offer some sliding scale fees.
Energy Healing - $125 (call for appointment)
Indigenous and high frequency energy healing designed to release and heal long held scripts, patterns and physical blockages. Every session is different as determined by the practitioner and healer. This service is by phone appointment only.
Psychological evaluation (call for appointment)
Heart rate variability training - $110
Finds and teaches ideal respiration (breathing pattern) to synchronize heart and brain functions. Decreases stress and builds physical and emotional resiliency.Some sliding scale fees available.
Whole Brain EEG Neurofeedback - $110 (call for appointment)
Brain Trainer Whole Brain EEG neurofeedback designed to train for focus, affect regulation, decrease in anger/anxiety/depression, and to decrease addictive behaviors and substances. Especially good for ADD/ADHD and developmental trauma. New clients must call first before using the scheduler. Excellent for increasing academic and sports performance. some sliding scale clients accepted.
Whole Brain EEG Assessment - $150 (call for appointment)
Consultation (call for appointment)
A meeting to see if there is goodness-of-fit for desired services
Shamanic Counseling - $125 (call for appointment)
Ageless wisdom guidance based on the collective teachings of the worlds indigenous healers and peoples. A mixing of spirituality, natural consciousness, and ritual for the facilitation of bringing about the death/rebirth of a person's infinite self.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision - $75 (call for appointment)
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